New and Upcoming Services!!

Pedro Z

My brother and I opened up Oak Cliff Photo Lab because we love our hobby. We love taking photos with film and after a while we noticed we had a lot of film to process so we started processing it ourselves. After about a year of research and investing in many processing machines we decided to open up Oak Cliff Photo Lab December 2018. 

Since then we have met and collaborated with many individuals who share the same passion of film like we do. We look forward to meeting many more in our second year. 

We have many new surprises in store in the new decade. Oak Cliff Photo will host its first 35mm photo walk/workshop (stay tuned for the date and time). The purchase of a ticket will include film, processing, and scanning. 

We are also going to revamp our Film Scanning service. Currently Film Scanning can be bundled with Film Processing for $9.50 each roll or you can purchase Film Scanning for one roll for $9.50. Our new service will still have the scanning bundled with processing but if you already have processed film we will only charge 50 cents per frame with a $10 minimum. This service will be available mid-January.

Lastly, a new service that will start Saturday, December 23rd is our 4x5 film sheet processing. $7 per sheet of E-6 and $6 per sheet of B/W or C41. If you have any questions about this new service feel free to use our "Contact us" page. 

Thanks to everyone who made our first year as photo lab amazing. We look forward to all the fun things we have planned in the new decade. Happy Holidays y'all!! 



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